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how we do it


How we do it


Many voice reels are recorded by a sound engineer on their own behind the mixing desk.

Here at What A Voice, you get that plus a dedicated Director who has been in the voice-over business nearly twenty years. Having this combination means we can make sure we’re getting your best possible performance resulting in the best possible voice reel.


Phone Consultation

It’s very important to establish what you’re looking for, be it a new reel, or updating an older one. 

Alex will talk through the process, what you are looking for, areas of interest and anything else you feel is important to make this a polished, commercial voice reel.











We can provide a wide range of scripts covering the traditional voice-over ‘universe’.

These can include Radio ads, TV ads, corporate, narration, character and explainer scripts. Of course, if there is anything you particularly want to have on there, even better.



Studio time is normally about two hours.

We’ll begin by having fun with the scripts to relax and find that ‘voice-over’ mindset. Once we all feel comfortable and happy we’ll begin focussing on getting your reel put together.

The whole process will be recorded, so if you do perform that ‘wonder’ take in the first 5 minutes, we’ll have it in the bag. 

Throughout the whole session Alex will be listening, guiding and directing to get the best possible performance out of you.



Next, we take the session in its raw form, pull out the best recordings, add backing music and fit it together in a professional montage of reads.

The end result being a 2-3-minute compilation of your amazing voice. We’ll also provide you with each recorded track individually.

All tracks (including the compilation) will be supplied to you in .mp3 and .wav files. You can then decide if you’d like to go onto our TalentBank.

I’ve done a few voiceover jobs in the past, but recording my voiceover reel with ‘What A Voice’ was by far the best recording experience I’ve had.

Alex and Nick are clearly expert in their respective fields. Both are very knowledgable and patient. They quickly allayed my nerves, and all my takes improved under Alex’s direction, which was clear and extremely helpful.

Nick is an excellent audio engineer. The sound on the day in my headphones was fantastic, but Nick’s post production has only made it better.

I am delighted with my final voiceover reel and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the studio. I can highly recommend ‘What A Voice’.”
— Alex Jeeps